Asia, the biggest and most populous continent on earth is not only famous for its rich culture, heritage, history and extreme diversity, but it is also the abode of unparalleled beauties. From China, to Japan to India – it presents multi ethnical goddesses who are the ultimate epitome of gorgeousness.

1. South Korea

The colourful land of Kpop and showbiz, where average beauty standards are relatively higher than rest of the world. Naturally, South Korea has the most perfect looking women in the continent. The beauty standards follow white smooth skin and slim physique,
which make them beautiful in any attire.


2. China

China, a major economic Goliath, presents beautiful women who are unique in their own charm. While they do not have advanced make up skills of South Korean women, or the sophistication of Japanese. But they radiate of different charm and cuteness. The reason why more and more Chinese faces can be seen in Hollywood movies. At the same time, they show electrifying intelligence, which makes them more attractive.

3. Japan

Japan, also known as the land of rising sun is famous for its rich culture. It is also unique for its elegant feminine beauty. Japan’s beauty standards focus on natural beauty. Hence, the genuinely beautiful women are a treasure for Japan.

4. India

India has long been known as the land of mystics and spirituality. Keeping up with that charm, India is the home of enigmatic beautiful women. Unlike other regions, brown skinned women are majority here. Which provides their beauty a very different tone?

5. Philippines

The Philippines is famous for producing a great number of Miss Worlds and Miss Universes. The unique thing about Philippines women is that they are the amalgamation of various races. So this makes them different from Chinese, Japanese or Koreans. They usually seem to have tanned skins and bolder physique.